A Brief to understand Fundamentals of Franchise System This brief is written to help you make the right decision when going for a franchise school of The National School Aimed Education. A general overview on franchising explains why it offers an excellent way for you to provide a wonderful opportunity for a lucrative and respected business  

Franchise Overview Why Franchising?  

Franchising is a great way to run your business or provide you to add up to your running business. Franchising provides you with an opportunity to earn a higher income but with the support and backup from The National School Aimed Education as the franchisor behind you.
A Franchise Reduces the Risk of Failure Starting a new business always carries a risk. The degree of vulnerability varies depending upon your knowledge, business skills, financial resources and relevant abilities. Many fail because they cannot learn quickly enough. With a franchise this risk is substantially reduced, because you are sharing the experience and expertise of ours as the franchisor. This will also stop you making the same mistakes that you have made in your business life.
Take Advantage of Success As you become part of a successful business, you will be able to take advantage of our successful business; you will be able to take advantage of our success and link into the strong relationships that we have developed.You will establish your schools through a system we have properly developed, planned and formatted for you to operate with great ease. This includes the brand, systems, procedures, media campaigns and marketing assistance.    

The Benefits that Franchising will bring to you ?  

  • Brand name and corporate image
  • Offer Play Group to A-Level Education (Including Matriculation)
  • Lifetime franchise fee
  • Impart English Medium mainstream education.
  • Adopt standardized curriculum and syllabi.
  • Run a professional and dignified business.
  • Share promotional and marketing support
  • Gain training facility for teachers and staff
  • Get assistance from expert management team
  • Receive complete policies and procedures and develop manuals
  • Contribute towards societal development
  • Take advantage of economies of scale and lower your business expenses
  • Avail dedicated and personalized support
  • Training of Accounts personnel on maintaining books, filling returns, managing students admission
  • Providing software to manage the school admissions and other requirements to manage history of the students.
  • Guidance in school set up and management
  • Quality assurance, control and monitoring.
  • Own multiple locations.
  • Lower ongoing expenses.
  • Obtain exclusive territory

Application Process

  • Submission of Expression of interest or query by e-mail or telephone
  • Presentation on the franchise opportunity by Head Office in person or telephonically.
  • Visit to our campuses to evaluate and see for your self the systems and the standards in place.
  • Discussion on business plan.
  • The city, area and the premises discussed and mutually decided.
  • Submission of Application.
  • On site visit by the Director Franchise.
  • Suitability report preparation.
  • Signing of MOU/Agreement.
  • On signing MOU/Agreement, 50% of the Franchise Fee to be deposited.
  • Pre-operation follow up.
  • The remaining 50% of the Franchise Fee to be deposited.
  • Designed marketing and promotional materials provided.
  • Developed electronic media advertisement provided.
  • Local admissions campaign.
  • Orientation of the principal and teachers.
  • Start of the academic year or the start of the school operations

How to Apply: 

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Telephone numbers - 042-35757411
Visit our Head Office – The National School Aimed Education 18 D1, Gulberg III