The National School maintains a very strict discipline policy. The fine line between a student's self expression, creativity, confidence, joy for learning and discipline is strictly defined at The National School policy manual clearly states rules and regulations for maintaining an orderly and healthy learning environment. These rules apply to all school activities conducted inside or outside the school premises. Grooming our students into fine young people and instilling in them values and responsibility is an important part of education. Your support and cooperation in this regard is essential. Please note that the school policy does not permit the staff members to hit, pass any personal or demeaning /derogatory remarks, physically or emotionally abuse a student. 


Any student of Class III upwards may be detained after school, as and when deemed necessary. Please note that detention will require the student to stay back an hour or more after school. Parents will be duly informed by phone to avoid any inconvenience. A student may be barred from attending extra-curricular activities in and out of school on disciplinary grounds.


Two detentions will result in suspension of the student for a day. However, in case of grave violation of the school rules the Principal/Board reserves the right to suspend any student without any prior notice or detention. A warning letter will be issued with every suspension. 


The National School considers compulsory withdrawal as the last resort. School policies and regulations notwithstanding, there could be situations where the school is unable to resolve the quandary in a manner which is suitable and acceptable to all the stake holders. Upon issuance of the third and final warning letter, parents will be bound to compulsorily withdraw the student from the school. 

Withdraw the student from the school. 

In case of extreme misbehavior and misconduct, the Principal/Board reserves the right to expel any student on an immediate basis. There will be no consideration for readmission of an expelled student to the regular school program. Upon failure of a parent to comply with the provisions of this section, the Principal/Board may proceed against such a parent for willful and unreasonable refusal to participate in efforts to improve the student's behavior. In any such situation, the decision of the Principal/Board will be considered final. No attempt should be made by the parent to influence this decision. Any such attempt by the parent, be it in any form, will be considered hostile and will be dealt with accordingly.