Students and parents are reminded that attire and appearance of the student should be given utmost attention. Students should be dressed in proper sized and clean school uniform. Boys should have their shirts tucked in. Long or unkempt hairstyles are not allowed. Sagging or wearing pants below the waist is not allowed. Girls are not allowed to wear any jewelry or make up. Their hair should be smartly tied at the back or a black head band must be used. Students are not allowed to streak or dye their hair. Furthermore dignity of the school uniform must be maintained at all times, on or off campus. The National School has a standard uniform, details of which are available at the school office. Winter and summer uniforms have to be worn according to the announced time schedule. Sports kits are to be complete and according to the requirements of the particular activity. No fancy shampoos, trainers or other paraphernalia is allowed.


Personal hygiene must be given proper attention. Nails should be trimmed and cleaned regularly. Hair should be free of nits and lice. If necessary, the school management reserves the right to have a student's hair trimmed in school. The school management reserves the right to send home any student who comes to school looking untidy.


Regular school attendance is a vital factor in school achievement. Unnecessary absence and tardiness will not be tolerated. Students of all classes must maintain an attendance of 95%.Leave during Mid-Year or Final Examinations will not be granted. Days taken off before or after any announced holidays will not be excused and such situations will be dealt with severely. Mid-Year or Final Exams will not be rescheduled at a later date. In case of an inevitable leave the student may be promoted / detained on his/her academic performance throughout the year. Students may not be allowed to appear in the Final Examination if the minimum attendance requirement is not met.


If any student is absent on medical grounds for more than one day, an application with a medical certificate must be submitted to the school office. However, for a day's absence an application must be e-mailed or submitted.


A parent or guardian may apply for a leave of absence by sending in a written application. Leave may be granted for urgent personal reasons. However, leave for weddings and family holidays will not be entertained. Please note that a fine will be levied if an urgent leave of absence exceeds the permitted percentage. It is the responsibility of a parent/student to complete all missed class work covered during leave of absence.


School timing is staggered to avoid traffic congestion. Students are expected to be punctual at all times. Students will be sent home in case of late arrival. Parents must collect their children from school within half an hour of their regular home time. Students collected after half an hour home time will be fined. In case of extraordinary circumstances a parent is advised to call the school office to avoid any inconvenience.


Students are not allowed to leave school before home time. In case of an emergency the school office must be contacted and a gate pass obtained. Visits to doctors & dentists should be scheduled outside school hours.


Any student who is feeling too ill to continue classes should report to the class teacher or administrator for immediate assistance. Permission to return home may be granted and Parents/Guardians will be duly informed.


Students will not be allowed to leave the school campus without proper identification. Parents or drivers must always present a valid student identity card to avoid any inconvenience. In case a parent/driver is not in possession of the student ID card then a gate pass must be obtained from the administrator's office after proper verification. Parents /drivers coming to collect students of all classes must be in possession of a valid school identification card as there will be random checks. The school reserves the right to stop any student from leaving the school premises if deemed necessary. A duplicate card can be issued on a written request by the parent . It is the parent's responsibility to monitor the validity period of the child's card. Upon expiry, you must contact the school office for renewal. The school office must be informed promptly if there are any changes in the address or the telephone numbers stated.


Students are responsible for their belongings and the school will not be held responsible for any damage to or loss of items. Lost and found items should be brought to the Administrator's notice. Students who lose articles should inquire in the office to see if it has been turned in. The student/parent will have to sign a retrieval slip. Unclaimed items will be sent to any charity organization after one semester.


Students may bring a snack to school or, if the facility is available at a particular branch, purchase lunch from the school's catering service. Each branch has its own cafeteria /canteen facility and students must abide by rules of that branch. Carbonated drinks and junk food are not allowed. No food or drink other than water is allowed during class time. Students are not allowed to eat in corridors, library and laboratories.


Students are attracted to many social networking websites where they can post comments, videos and pictures. Students of senior classes may be on these websites. Complete sense of responsibility and respect for fellow students, staff and the institution must be kept in mind. Students are not allowed to post any inappropriate and defamatory content about any other individual that may have any personal, social or legal consequence. Photographs taken during any of the school activities, outdoor or within the campus are strictly prohibited from being uploaded on social websites without being individually approved by the school administration.


The National School operates as a community and a strong communication with the parent body and vice versa is considered essential. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that all contact information such as residential address, e-mail and contact numbers are regularly updated with the school office. Parents are advised to check their e-mails and sms daily. Please note that the sms services do not receive messages in response. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the school authorities via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Except in an emergency, students will not be allowed to use the telephones in the office. If need be, messages may be taken and the students will be duly informed. Parents are not allowed to call school staff on their personal phone numbers. Parents must inform the school in writing if they travel out of the city and also confirm who the school may contact in their absence, if the need arises.


The National School operates a parental hub. In case of an emergency the school may utilize this service. Two random responsible parents from each class are chosen by the school management. The volunteering parents are then provided a list of contact numbers for the entire class. In case of any emergency during school hours these parents are responsible for contacting all the other parents in their respective classes. The contact numbers of other students are provided to the parents on complete understanding of confidentiality and trust. Please introduce yourself and get to know the names and numbers of parents in the parental hub of your child's class.


Teachers are also in possession of a list of contact numbers for their entire class. They are responsible for conveying any urgent notices or school messages to parents after school hours. Please note the name of the person delivering any such messages. Parents are strictly forbidden to contact teachers on their personal numbers at any time. Parents or any other guests are strictly prohibited to approach the classroom area without prior permission from the school office. The school does not entertain any requests for casual visits by any parent or otherwise. Students are not allowed to bring visitors to school unless approved by the only people with official business are allowed on the campus and should report to the school office to receive valid permission. All visitors to the school must be appropriately dressed, wear a visitor's badge and must conduct themselves in a decent and courteous manner.


Giving presents to teachers or tipping the custodian staff by students or parents is strictly prohibited. The management reserves the right to take appropriate action. If on any occasion, the need arises for tipping the custodian staff, all items (money, clothes, food etc) must be deposited with the school office and a receipt obtained. The office will then distribute the items accordingly.


Birthdays may be celebrated with class fellows in the school. The school guidelines permit only a birthday cake to be brought from outside. No giveaways for students are allowed. The class teacher and the school office must be informed in writing at least two days in advance. Birthday invites may be distributed in the class rooms. However, the contact numbers of other students will not be given to parents.


Students and parents are advised not to distribute any printed material, pamphlets or flyers in school.


The school conducts regular fire drills, with or without prior notification to parents. The staff members are updated with emergency procedures and equipment. They are also familiarized with first aid procedures and dealing with emergency situations. The school takes extra precautions to ensure the safety and security of all students. However, the management does not take responsibility of any untoward or unforeseen incident.


The National School has an open door policy and a very receptive attitude for all advice and complaints from the parent and student body. You are welcome to send your feedback through e-mail or in writing to the school office. Anonymous letters will not be entertained. The Principal and the entire administration are committed to constantly improving the standards and your participation is valued and appreciated. Your comments will not in any way reflect on your child and will not affect the professional relationship the management would like to maintain with its parent body. However, there is no room for harsh statements, verbal complaints or threats by parents to any of the school staff.


The school campus has a full time medical attendant on duty during school hours to deal with minor ailments and first aid. However, the school's priority is always to inform the parents incase a student is unwell or has an accident. If the parents are not contactable, emergency contact given at the time of admission will be automatically be contacted. The school, however, is obliged to report in writing to the person collecting the student with the details of the ailment/injury and the first aid administered. In any serious medical emergency, the school administration may take upon itself to rush the student to a recognized emergency hospital and contact specialized doctors and or administer life saving drugs. The hospital bill will be charged to the parents. No student is allowed to come to school with fever or any contagious disease. Parents should make sure that such incidents do not occur as they jeopardize the health of other students as well as the faculty. The school reserves the authority to request for a medical certificate whenever it considers necessary.


To achieve our goal of educating and grooming students into positive and confident individuals, we believe in giving more than individual attention to our students. Facility for complete counseling is provided to all those who may be in need of it. The National School has a psychologist who may screen students if the need arises. After screening a student may be kept under observation. However, this may only be done after informing parents and getting a consent signed. The school psychologist cannot give out written evaluations. If a complete written evaluation is needed then such students may be referred to professionals. Parents are obligated to submit a proper evaluation by a certified psychologist / psychiatrist whenever the school deems necessary. Parents must inform the school if they require counseling services for their child.