Students are expected to conduct themselves in a dignified manner and maintain the decorum expected of them at all times, inside or outside school. The school environment is created to develop each student's emotional, psychological and academic growth. Therefore, students must respect the school's conduct policy. 

Fighting or causing others to fight is specifically prohibited in school and at all school events, in and out of the school campus. Fighting is deemed as taking part in a physical or verbal struggle. Fighting is not an acceptable alternative to dealing with disagreements among students. Students are encouraged to seek help from a counselor, teacher or an administrator if a problem arises. Fighting endangers the health and safety of students and disrupts the proper order of the school. Violation of this regulation will result in suspension or immediate expulsion. 


The school has a deep commitment towards providing a safe, secure and tolerant learning environment in which all students feel valued and respected. Respect and understanding of cultural diversity within the school and its community is actively promoted. Racism can be based on religion, ethnicity, culture or social background. The school takes prejudice very seriously and will take appropriate action to combat any incidents deemed to be racist in nature. 


The definition of bad language is a student's use of profane and obscene or abusive language. This will not be tolerated whether the communication is written or verbal or a gesture. 


Students must demonstrate respect for fellow students and the school staff. Students who continually refuse to respond to school guidelines or requests are insubordinate. Non compliance of school rules causes unnecessary disruption to the learning process and will not be tolerated.


Vandalism of school property i.e. destruction or defacement of any school property, including books, supplies, facilities and equipment is strictly prohibited. Should any school property be damaged, the student or the parents/guardians of the responsible student will be contacted to pay for the damaged item. Students must not touch or play with Fire Alarms and Extinguishers unless there is an emergency. 


All students at The National School are expected and reminded to show respect for fellow students and staff by avoiding inappropriate display of affection. They are to behave according to the norms of decency in the school, at field trips or at any other school activity being conducted on or off.



The National School can never be complacent in this area. The school takes this matter very seriously. Bullying is repetitive behavior which makes other people feel uncomfortable or threatened, whether this is intended or not. There are many types of bullying, some of which are mentioned below:

Physical: hitting, kicking, taking or hiding belongings, including money.

Verbal: name- calling, teasing, insulting, writing unkind notes or text 

Emotional: being unfriendly, excluding, tormenting or spreading rumors

Harassment or prejudice by any student for any reason is strictly prohibited. 

At The National School, we encourage a friendly environment where such an attitude is completely unacceptable and will be strictly dealt with.


Students are forbidden to possess, use, sell or misuse tobacco or any other controlled substances in school, during school activities, in school vehicles or outside the school premises while wearing the school uniform. Parents/ guardians will be notified of such incidents. 


Theft is defined as taking or having in one's possession anything that does not belong to oneself, without permission or consent. This may also include purposely hiding any item for the sake of fun or prank. 


There must be clear objective evidence of cheating for this policy to be applied. Examples are cheat sheets, answers on hand, copied tests, copying from another student's test, giving away the answers, passing notes or answers during quizzes or tests, copying homework or class assignments 


Students at The National School are expected to attend all scheduled classes during the week. Bunking or truancy is strictly prohibited whether it's missing classes while being present in school or intentional unauthorized absence from compulsory classes. An sms will be sent to a parent if a student has missed any class. Parents are to take serious note of this and ensure that student's attendance is not compromised at any cost. 


If a student is suspected of harming himself/herself in anyway, the school will seek to do all it can to assist the student to come to terms with and correct his/her behavior. The policy of harming oneself might include cutting or/and bruising or ingesting any sort of toxic material. The school takes in view that such students need professional help. Parents will be informed of any such matter. The school may request a withdrawal depending upon the gravity of the situation.



State of the art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Robotics and Food & Nutrition etc are provided for students. Students should be careful not to damage or vandalize the equipment provided. Any damage would result in a fine. Students are reminded that Laboratories are to be used for the sole purpose of enhancing knowledge and for further research. The following are prohibited:

Mishandling and damaging any material or equipment.

Accessing, uploading, downloading, transmitting, printing, displaying, or distributing obscene or explicit material.

Vandalizing, damaging or disabling the property of a fellow student or teacher.

Debilitating or disabling systems or networks through the intentional misuse or overuse of electronic distribution or storage 

Spreading computer viruses intentionally through the inappropriate use of files or diskettes.

Using another student's or teacher's password, trespassing in another person's folder, work space or files.



The school administration can advise a student or a parent on their children's civic and social responsibilities. This may include:

Inappropriate behavior


Irresponsible behavior towards the environment

Spreading rumours